The Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the first accounts of diamond engagement rings stems from the Arch Duke Maximilian of Austria and his proposal to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an ‘M’.

In the current day, the diamond has been tagged as an enduring, unbreakable, symbol of love and approximately 80% of brides to be are gifted one.

The Proposal

In Western cultures, it is traditional for a proposal to take place. It used to be common for the man to ask the father for permission, but these days it’s not as common.

This aspect of the marriage process provides time for planning of the wedding to take place. It is said that if you are a monarch and a female it is a tradition for you to propose to the man. This is marked in Queen Victoria’s proposal to Prince Albert.

The Marriage

The popularization of the Western wedding ceremony began with Queen Victoria and her choice of a white wedding gown. The wedding band is also believed to be significant due to the vein running from the ring finger directly to the heart.

Many weddings tend to be religious ceremonies where a blessing or ritual takes place to solidify the marriage.

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