Why Choose Diamond Jewellery?

May 22, 2019

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Diamonds have long been seen as a symbol of an individual’s status. This precious stone has been worn by The Queen, other members of the British royal family, noblemen, famous celebrities, collectors, investors, and billionaires the world over.

Diamonds also play a significant role when it comes to special events and important occasions in people’s lives, and are particularly symbolic for engagement, weddings and anniversaries. Years ago, couples chose diamond rings from a wide array of pieces in a jewellery store. Nowadays, we find couples typically are looking for something more unique or personal and often ask jewellers to customize their engagement or wedding rings to reflect their personality and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for the best diamond ring selection in Calgary, you should head to downtown visit us at Breslauer & Warren—we’ve been jewellers since 1919. At Breslauer & Warren, you don’t just experience decades of expertise, but you also gain trust and confidence in buying high-graded diamonds. We offer competitive prices, informative guidance, and in-depth information as compared to other gemstones being sold in malls, online, or anywhere else.

Diamond Rings: Solitaire, Rose Gold, and More

At Breslauer & Warren, Diamond rings are our specialty. We offer various styles including solitaire, halo, rose gold, two stone, three stone, multi stone rings; as well as men’s diamond rings.

Our solitaire rings highlight a single centre diamond without any accent stones and usually a plain band. Solitaire rings mostly appear with a prong setting placed above the band. See our solitaire rings display here.

Our halo rings include a center stone encircled by diamonds. These rings are suited for couples who like to emphasize the look of the centre stone. The best thing about these rings is that they can adapt to different cuts of diamonds like round, oval, cushion, and princess. Check out our halo rings here.

We also offer rose gold rings which are available in solitaire, oval, and multi-stone engagement rings. See more of our rose gold rings here.

If you want rings with two or more stones, we’ve got you covered. Our two stone rings represent partnership for couples and can employ settings like prong, tension, and bezel. Our three stone rings represent a couple’s past, present, and future. Our three stone rings emphasize a larger centre stone joined by two smaller stones or three stones of the same size.

If you want more stones, try our multi stone rings collection. These pieces usually have more than three stones and joined by smaller stones.

We also have diamond engagement rings for the grooms-to-be. Please click here to design your own band from hundreds of styles available.


Want to Customize Your Diamond Jewellery?

Breslauer & Warren welcomes your designs. We can customize your engagement rings and diamond pieces with the help of our reputable designer jewellery brand in one of the finest custom studios in New York City. Your customized jewellery typically can be ready within two to three weeks.

Simply present us a photo of a ring, earrings, or pendants that you would like to be customized into a new design. After we agreed on the design, we’ll proceed with the computer-aided detection (CAD) imaging, which will show you what your piece will look like.

We then move on to casting, stone setting, and finishing your creation. We suggest that you make a personal visit to our store so you can learn more about our custom design service and the options that you can enjoy. Why not schedule you visit here.


One Hundred Years of Expertise

This year, Breslauer & Warren is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the jewellery industry. Breslauer & Warren started the business at Winnipeg in 1919. The business expanded to Calgary in 1979 and is now in its new store at Bow Valley Square.

The store has been offering Calgary customers exceptional pieces of exclusive diamonds, gold jewellery, and other gem-related services. When you visit the Calgary store, you’ll meet our welcoming and approachable team who have more than 60 years of diamond jewellery experience. Breslauer & Warren vows to offer its customers competitive prices of jewellery with personal service and guidance, and in the world of online shopping, we also provide comparable and competitive online pricing. In fact read on below, where we provide some further insight into why you should purchase diamonds in person versus online.


Diamonds as Investments

There is no reliable index for diamonds, as of this posting. The reason is that it’s hard to determine values of diamonds from various markets for gems. The task needs transparency.

Although it’s hard to get an accurate analysis of diamonds from all over the world, there are few important things that make diamonds worth investing into. Diamonds have caught the hearts of the public after De Beers aggressively campaigned the gemstone to be used for engagement rings during the 19th century.

At the time, ruby and sapphire were also used as engagement rings, but because De Beers decreased its supply, this gemstone gained high demand and cost in the market. Diamonds also have high resale value just as long as your gem is transparent in price, has resale liquidity, and quality certificate like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Rapaport Specification 2+.  Market access and guidance from experts can also contribute to high resale value of diamonds.


Considerations When Buying Diamonds Online

There are certain products that it makes sense for you to buy online like clothes, electronics, accessories and so forth. At the same time, there are also items, like diamonds, that must be personally checked before buying. Diamonds are expensive because they’re well graded.

Remember that there are things to consider before buying diamonds online. One of the disadvantages of ordering diamonds online is that merchants don’t actually examine the diamonds. If you want to buy a diamond ring, you have to get all the information you need like its carat, color, cut, and clarity.

All these important considerations are often unknown when you buy diamonds or jewellery online. You also deprive yourself of the advice and experience that you can get from jewellery experts, which you can only experience when you personally visit a jewellery store like ours. There’s nothing better than holding a piece of jewellery and wearing it yourself for a more personal experience than just imagining yourself wearing it.

Avoid all the pitfalls of online buying by scheduling a viewing with us. We’re open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. You can call us at (403) 252–9048 to schedule a time. Our trained personnel will be happy to provide you with accurate information.


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