When it comes to jewelry tones, rose gold has been increasing in popularity over the past few years.

Even famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is using this stunning shade to package her coveted products.

Whether you’re wearing rose gold in your engagement ring, your necklaces, or even in a brooch, it looks good on a variety of skin tones. It’s an exciting, unexpected alternative to yellow gold, white gold or silver.

But what is rose gold, you may be wondering?

Don’t worry – we’re here to break down everything you need to know about this trend. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Rose Gold?

We know that picking the perfect setting colour can be a tough job! These days, it seems like there are more options than ever before on the market. But rose gold just has something special to it.

It’s a shade that can elevate the look of any piece, no matter your style.

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold

But what’s the difference between rose gold and yellow gold, aside from the obvious softer, pinker colour of the rose shade?

Believe it or not, yellow gold isn’t actually pure gold. Often, it’s mixed with other metals like copper or zinc. Not only does mixing in other metals make yellow gold pieces more affordable, but it also makes them tougher

If you wear a piece (like your wedding ring) every day, you want it to be able to withstand everything your hands do. Still, often yellow gold is not as strong as rose gold. So, if durability is your priority, select rose over yellow gold.

Rose Gold vs. White Gold

White gold contains (as you may have guessed) white metals. These include palladium, silver and more. Often, it’s a more affordable alternative to platinum settings.

As beautiful as white gold is, it does require more maintenance than rose gold. Because all gold comes out of the ground yellow and is then alloyed with other metals to change the colour, white gold will need a coating of rhodium plating to keep up the bright white finish. Typically this process can be carried out every couple of years; or when you notice your white gold piece starting to yellow a bit. With rose gold, this process isn’t necessary. A quick polish will restore its shine, which is faster and much more cost effective!

The Facts About Rose Gold

You might have also heard rose gold referred to as “pink gold” — and that’s an apt description of its remarkable shade. Its unique colouring comes from its combination with a copper alloy.

Rose gold is perfect for those who adore a vintage or retro look. It can even easily be combined with white or yellow gold for a dramatic, attention-getting setting.

In general, its colouring makes it a wonderful option for those whose skin tone tans easily or fades during the winter months. It’s also a great setting for those who need a metal that can stand up even to the harshest uses. It’s loved for its unique style and durability — truly the best of both worlds!

It’s so gorgeous that it was the favourite of the Russian Tsarinas and Princesses, who demanded that much of their jewelry be made from rose gold. Thus, it’s truly a colour fit for a Queen.

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