Eternity Rings

Eternity rings can be given on a number of occasions. Maybe you want to celebrate a pregnancy or a new baby, or maybe it’s to commemorate a new job or house. And maybe it’s just to surprise your special person with a meaningful symbol of your love. Whatever the occasion, Eternity rings make an extra special gift, one that the wearer will treasure for years.

Our Eternity rings come in a number of styles, from a simple band with an unbroken line of small diamonds to a more elaborate band that features a vine pattern, encrusted with diamonds. The Eternity ring might also have diamonds halfway around the band. And remember, in choosing a style for the Eternity ring, consider the rings your loved one is already wearing. You might want to match that style or find something that contrasts with their current rings.

yellow gold shared prong eternity
white gold diamond eternity
white gold claw set diamond eternity

Anniversary Rings

Anniversary bands have traditionally been given on the 60th wedding anniversary. But nowadays it has become popular to commemorate an “off” year, maybe 7 years or 19 years. Or, you might want to commemorate your first date or the date of a proposal. There are really no rules for when you choose to give an Anniversary band. You might want to incorporate the anniversary year you are celebrating into the type of ring you choose. That is, the Anniversary band might have the same number of diamonds as the year you are celebrating.

Our Anniversary bands are elegant diamond rings that comprise many beautiful styles. The Anniversary band can feature multiple diamonds or be a traditional precious metal band.


Wedding Rings

Of course, who doesn’t want an elegant diamond ring for their wedding ring? We offer a well-curated selection of diamond wedding rings–from plain bands to bands with diamonds surrounding the ring and settings in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. We can also customize a wedding ring for you! Do you prefer a modern style? Or would you rather replicate an heirloom? We are here to help you make your special day one you will never forget with a ring that expresses your love. So you can see, we have a selection of elegant diamond rings for any occasion. Come in and talk to us. We’ve been in the business for 100 years and we know everything there is to know about diamonds and rings!


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