Getting Trendy: The Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Mar 26, 2019

Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019 Calgary

The giving of Engagement rings dates back to ancient Egyptians as a way to symbolize eternity.  European nobles added the first diamonds to engagement rings in the 1400s. Now, approximately 80% of engagement rings include diamonds.

Today, the diamond engagement ring industry is worth billions and as with any other fashion accessory, engagement ring trends change every year. Here are some trends to keep in mind as you prepare to symobolize your engagement.

New Metal

The reign of white metals is coming to a close. Gold, in its many natural forms, is elegant again.

Rose gold is a fresh take. Yellow gold is classic. Unplated white gold has an aged, antique vibe, previously covered up in rhodium.

Updated types of engagement rings incorporate a mix of metals. A knife-edge yellow gold band pairs nicely with diamonds set in platinum.

A stack of bands with different gold treatments provides a cool contrast. Using different metals for each setting is an eye-catching use of the trend. The center stone might be set in white gold while the side stones are set in yellow.

Different Cuts

The cut of the center stone informs your engagement ring style. High-end rings have always used traditional cuts. This year it’s popular to approach traditional cuts in less stuffy ways.
Pear and round cut stones are historic cuts with staying power. Their many facets maximize their sparkle output.

Cushion cuts step in where the Princess cut left off. They’re rectangular or square with rounded corners, like a pillow or cushion.

An emerald cut can stand alone. The broad surface of the cut emphasizes the diamond’s clarity.

Emerald cut has a renewed allure for celebrities wanting to make a show of a huge rock. Kim Kardashian is a fan, and George Clooney finally settled down by giving Amal an emerald cut stunner.

The drive for bespoke engagement rings for women has jewelers experimenting with stone settings. Split edge bands can hold stones at a tilt, and putting a diamond on its side is playful and refreshing.

The Meghan Markle Effect

Anytime a celebrity engagement remains in the spotlight, it has an effect on the next year’s engagement ring trends. Meghan Markle’s Cinderella story has informed each of the trends mentioned above.
Her platinum set cushion cut center stone was accented by round diamonds. Her yellow gold band all but brought it back in style.

Meghan’s also had an effect on alternative wedding ring stones. Her affection for morganite, a rosy pink gemstone, caused a sensation on Instagram.

This Year’s Engagement Ring Trends Are Stylish and Unique

Engagement ring trends in 2019 are less cookie-cutter and more custom. Taking the lead from Miss Markle herself, metals are mixing, colors are popping, and different cuts are getting a chance to shine.
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