Summertime is typically known to be the season for weddings. Warm weather allows for tons of dress and location options and avoids most weather issues. But, have you also considered summer to be the perfect time to get engaged as well? The holiday season is generally reserved for engagements since most couples will be around family and friends. However, jewelers and photographers also know that this is engagement season. Most will not be ready to make a deal with you during their peak season. With the average amount spent on an engagement ring set at a whopping $6,163, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Here we talk about what makes summer a great time to get engaged and how to pick that perfect ring for your summer engagement.


The Basics of Engagement Rings

The Four C’s

Before looking for engagement rings it’s a great idea to get familiar with the lingo and know what to look for.

Diamonds are graded (and priced) according to certain qualities of the stone. They’ve been nicknamed the “Four C’s” and they are:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat


The cut of the diamond is the shape it takes in the ring. A skilled diamond cutter can bring out the brilliance in the stone and make it stunning.
Engagement rings can be cut into a variety of shapes including princess, oval, cushion, and many others.


After cutting, the diamond will be inspected for color. Diamonds can come in a large variety of colors from colorless to brown and everything in between.The rarest diamonds are the stones considered to be “colorless” which means completely translucent. But, the popularity of colored diamonds has been on the rise.


This rating judges imperfections inside the stone. The rarest diamonds have no imperfections. Most of these “imperfections” are only able to be seen through high magnification. To the naked eye, they’re generally imperceivable.


Carat is the weight of the diamond and the most important aspect of a diamond’s pricing. The higher the carat the more a diamond will cost.

Sizing and Style

It’s important to have an idea of your potential fiance’s style and their ring size. Try to think of three or four adjectives that describe your fiance. Someone who is described as classic, feminine, and timeless would wear a much different ring than someone funky, flirty, and fearless.

Picking The Right Summer Ring

While all of this is relative to your fiance and their tastes there are styles that scream summer. Consider a ring with a vintage and antique feel for the warmer months. Something soft and pretty could be amazing. If you don’t have a great vintage shop in your area with rings consider a “halo” type ring from a conventional modern jeweler. These rings are reminiscent of vintage engagement rings.

Colored diamonds would also be quite appropriate for a summer engagement since it could be more fun and less traditional. But, a solitaire is always classic and well received.

No Matter the Season, Pick What Speaks To You

While it’s great to consider the season of engagement when picking the ring, the most important thing to think about is whether it reminds you of your fiance. At the end of the day, this ring will be on their finger for years and years to come. You want them to love it.

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