According to The Knot, there’s an order to how you should announce your engagement.

First on the list should be the kids (if either of you has children from a previous marriage.) Next, should be your parents or closest friends. After that, you’re ready for the social media sweep.

Now, as far as broadcasting on your social networks is concerned, there really are no set rules on how to do it. A common trend, however, is to post a ring selfie.

Do you want to know the secret to capturing glamorous engagement ring pictures? Check out these selfie tips for ideas on how to show off your ring in the best possible light.


Hold the Filter

Ask any photographer which light is best for taking pictures and they’ll no doubt tell you to always go for natural light whenever possible. For your ring selfie, that means going outside or placing your hand near an open window.

You want to avoid using filters as these have a tendency to obscure the ring’s facets. Flash is also a no-no. Too much light will “blow out” the diamond when you should be aiming to capture its lovely sparkle.

Stage Your Shot

The best engagement rings don’t need a lot of extra elements to make them shine in a photo. With a simple background, all you need is to have your fingers naturally posed, with the ring front and center.

If you can’t get the sole hand picture right, you can use a glass of Champagne as a prop or drape it over your man’s hand. For sharper contrast, you can also try to blur the background so the ring is properly in focus.

Get Your Nails Done

Going through the trouble of perfecting engagement ring pictures and not getting a manicure just makes no sense. You want people to focus on your ring but all they will be doing is looking at your nails and wondering what’s wrong with them.

To make sure your nails are making a classy statement, go for sophisticated dark red colors or classic nudes. Hints of pink are also recommended to get that romantic vibe.

Make It Shine

You don’t need to have your ring professionally cleaned since it’s still new. But taking photos of your engagement ring at the wrong angle can make it appear smaller than it actually is.

For the most accurate impression of the stone’s size, go with a top-down shot. Side-view photos can make even a large diamond look tiny. You should also make sure you don’t overdo it with other jewelry and accessories.

You want your ring to shine so you want to avoid large watch faces and accessories that skew how big the diamond appears.

Take Lots of Engagement Ring Pictures

But upload only a few or just one if you want to keep things simple. Remember, one great shot is better than a collage or multiple photos that don’t show off the true beauty of your engagement ring.

Still Looking for the Perfect Ring?

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