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Lab Grown diamonds have entered the jewelry market taking it by storm, and engagement customers have been making the switch. These diamonds on the market enable the consumer today to acquire larger diamonds with higher color and clarity than at any time in history.

Why savvy Calgarians are considering LGDs when selecting a ring to propose

There are a few key reasons why many newly engaged couples have welcomed lab-created diamonds into one of their most important life purchases. First clients can maximize smaller budgets ($2,000-$5,000) for a beautiful larger stone (average 0.75 – 1.00ct+) whereas in mined they would be shown a diamond about 0.70ct or smaller. Lab-grown diamonds are able to fill a niche area for clients with a budget of $5000 or less to be able to get a 1.00ct stone with high color and clarity. Secondly, the diamonds they have access to are a higher carat, clarity, and color than mined diamonds they would receive within the same price points, and if they have no preference between mined or lab-grown diamonds, most will end up choosing the larger, brighter, more brilliant stone. Finally, it’s all about the look. Clients no longer end up sacrificing quality to get the look. Most if not all engagement ring shoppers want the best-looking engagement ring they can afford, which will represent the promise they want to give to the love of their lives. Laboratory-created diamonds allow them to make their dreams realities. 

A diamond is a diamond, no matter where it is born. 

Creating the ring of their dreams has never been more accessible. Custom designing the perfect diamond engagement ring with a Laboratory Created Diamond is the perfect marriage of luxury and affordability. More clients these days are looking to explore their options to find what will be the best fit for them, oftentimes maximizing the 4C’s by choosing a Lab-created diamond that exceeded their expectations of what they could get. Our Laboratory Grown diamonds are created by one of the world’s largest sightholders, which manufactures and offers both our Earth-Mined and Lab-Grown Diamonds.

Finding our clients the absolute best Diamonds in town, never compromise on quality.

Working with our diamond specialists, we will determine the most critical and important aspects of your engagement ring for you and your fiancé. Designing your ring with our specialists gives you access to the high-end diamond market all curated to fit your style and budget. We will work with you to hand-select the right lab-grown diamond based on the 4cs; Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. Next, we will work with you to select the perfect mounting style, aided by our CAD custom designers you will be fully involved in the design process from start to finish.
All of our Lab-Grown diamond engagement rings can be made in White, Yellow, or Rose gold, 14kt, 18kt, or Platinum. With side melee man-made diamonds to complement your center diamond’s color and clarity.
We invite you to visit our store today to learn more about our Custom Design Service and see the many options available to you.
Petroula and Richard were an amazing help in finding the perfect ring for my fiancé. They taught me the ins and outs of diamonds, and they curated ring recommendations based on my desires which greatly facilitated the process. I highly recommend Breslauer & Warren, and will be sending my friends their way.


Liam Plunkett

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