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A Diamond for everyone

A diamond speaks volumes for any occasion, timeless to last for years to come. Celebrating your life’s milestones with a luxurious piece of fine lab-grown diamond jewelry has become the new trend. Crafted with your loved one in mind, anything you can make with earth-mined diamonds can be made for you in gorgeous lab-created diamonds. Choosing lab-grown diamonds allows for a gift that WOWs or empowers a person to make a self-purchase, a treat to themselves in a comfortable and accessible price range. Gone are the days of the only high-end affordable items being handbags, clothing, or shoes, with laboratory-created diamonds high-end jewelry is well within reach. You can now accessorize yourself affordably with a stunning piece of hand-crafted diamond jewelry. After all, diamonds look good on everyone. 

Luxury without Conflict


Often times many who oppose self-purchasing a diamond do not want to do so because of the perceived ethics of the mining industry, environmental factors, and other socio-political implications. While the mined diamond industry today is decisively regulated to eliminate many of the concerns relating to these issues, Man Made diamonds and lab-created jewelry provide a more socially and environmentally conscious luxury product as the inherent concerns many have do not exist. With many economies and countries feeling the devastating effects of climate change, truly the ultimate luxury in this day and age is sustainability.


Our lab-grown diamonds are sourced directly from one of the first global diamond producers to achieve SCS Global Sustainability Certification to become a Sustainability-Rated Diamond producer. This means our producer has been thoroughly audited by an international committee to meet the following 5 Pillars of sustainability, a fact we at Breslauer & Warren value first and foremost. The Five Pillars of Sustainability for the SCS global certification include:

  1. Verified origin traceability
  2. Ethical Stewardship
  3. Climate neutrality
  4. Sustainable production practices
  5. Sustainable investments

Giving or buying a gift should always leave you feeling good about your purchase and the product you received. Choosing a Lab-Created diamond where you can be confident about the sourcing and ethics of your stones makes a gift even sweeter. So whether you are giving the gift of lab-grown diamonds or purchasing them for yourself, you can be assured your core values align with your purchase.

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