In these challenging times, there is a tremendous amount of concern regarding the future of retailers. How do you know if they will be in business 5 or even ten years from now to service your purchase? Many independent companies teeter on the precipice of the black abyss of bankruptcy. Can they survive until the next month? Will people continue to shop there? Will there be a positive change in the economy? Will the price of oil go up? These and many other questions lurk in the back of the collective consciousness of Albertans.


Breslauer & Warren Jewellers have been in business since 1919. The Breslauer family is proud to guide the business into a highly successful new millennium. With cutting edge styles and an eye for detail, the selection of jewelry has never been better! Every piece is hand selected by Richard Breslauer and his team of experts who ensure that only finest quality pieces enter the store! You have complete piece of mind when you purchase jewelry knowing that we have stood the test of time through the stock market crash of 1929, the subsequent Great Depression of the 1930s, the depression of the 1980s, the economic challenges of 2008. These experiences have enabled the Breslauer Family to be uniquely prepared for this most recent downturn. The conveniently located downtown Calgary store allows Breslauer & Warren to have lower overhead. These savings are then passed on to our customers.

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers are a jeweler that you can form a lifetime relationship and trust for decades to come!

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