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If you’re looking to sell gold, jewelry, and diamonds, a jewelry store can provide a far better service and experience than a private sale or auction house. Calgary gold and diamond buyers are true professionals who are dedicated to the fair treatment of all of our customers. You can trust these local businesses to carry out smooth and friendly transactions which are to both parties’ benefit. Here are the five benefits that mean you should always choose Calgary gold and diamond buyers when you’re looking to sell jewelry.


1. You’ll Get a Fair Price for Your Gold and Diamonds

You’re probably unsure what a fair price for gold or a diamond is. Especially if this is your first time selling. And even if you’ve sold gold or diamonds before, the price can fluctuate over time. The price also depends on many things. For gold purity and for diamonds things such as clarity, cut and colour. This means that it’s hard to know as a customer what you might be offered for diamond or gold jewelery. Since some unscrupulous businesses know that you’re in the dark, they’ll make offers way below a diamond’s or the gold’s actual worth to test their luck. This is called ‘lowballing.’ To avoid this; you can ‘test’ the value of your diamond and gold.

The way to do this is to get a few offers before you decide on who to sell to. If the offers are in a tight range, then they’re more likely to be fair. If one is way lower than the others, ignore the lowballer. The problem with this is that they might all be trying to lowball you, and you’ve really got no way of telling if their offers are all in the same range. Calgary diamond buyers aren’t interested in lowballing you. We want to reach an agreement that is fair for both of us. We have a reputation to protect, which is worth far more than the diamonds or gold in our store could ever be valued at.

2. Avoid Scammers

There are some people who’ll try to rip you off on the price. And then there are outright scammers who look to take you for a ride. Selling online is a risky venture. If you don’t get lowballed by every offer, there’s still the chance you won’t get paid when you receive a good offer. The truth is, scammers are everywhere. If they’re not trying to trick you into investing in diamonds, they’re trying to trick you into selling them. They have no intention of paying for the goods. Be particularly aware of offers that seem exceedingly high. These are designed to grab your attention and pull you in, at the expense of your diamonds or gold.

If someone asks you to send goods before you’ve received money, you should probably say no. There are some legitimate services that do appraisals via the post, but there’s always a big risk involved when you’re sending valuables via the mail. If they ask you to meet in person, make sure it’s in a very public place and that you take adequate precautions to stop the diamonds or gold being snatched. Why risk it at all though? With Calgary gold and diamond buyers, we can appraise your diamonds and offer a reasonable price in a safe and secure atmosphere.

3. Wholesalers Won’t Give as Good a Price

You may have seen adverts from other gold and diamond buyers online who operate post-in appraisal services. As above, this is not always a scam (although it can be, so be careful). There are honest businesses that do this. Having said that they’re honest, which is fair, they probably won’t give you a great offer. This is because if a buyer operates with the ‘post-in’ model, it’s more than likely that they are a wholesaler. Their whole model is based on selling bulk at a discount. This means that the savings their customers enjoy when buying jewelry from them come at the expense of the people who sold the jewelry in the first place.

You’re missing out so that a wholesaler can turn a better profit margin, which isn’t ideal for you. They also won’t quote you for the jewelry before it’s in their hands. This is because they need to do a proper appraisal first. But this is time-consuming, and once it’s in their hands, it’s easier to just settle for the price on the table. Don’t fall into this trap. Get a better price with Calgary diamond buyers.

4. Enjoy A Knowledgeable Service

Calgary diamond buyers are experts. They’re specialists in the field of gold and diamonds, but that isn’t true for every jeweller. Many jewellers who specialize in gold or other precious materials may not know how to grade diamonds properly. So it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get the right price. This is often also true of  ‘Cash for Gold’-style shops. They might buy your diamonds alongside a handful of gold, but they don’t have the relationships or expertise to make the most out of them.

In fact, they might not offer you the best price on your gold either. Many of these stores are simply quick cash solutions or pawn shops. Not real jewellers. They may not have the training to correctly appraise any piece of gold jewelry, diamond or not. When you’re selling gold or diamonds, you need someone with real knowledge to carry out the deal. Don’t settle for half the knowledge or half the price.

Pick Calgary Gold and Diamond Buyers Every Time

At Breslauer & Warren, we pride ourselves on nearly a century of history during which we’ve served the local community with all its jewelry needs. We’re interested in buying gold or diamonds whenever you’re interested in selling. There’s absolutely no pressure from us. Contact us if you’d like to talk about your piece. We’ll get back to you promptly with a fair and reasonable valuation.

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