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Jewelry is a timeless and traditional way to present your favorite people with gifts that will last a lifetime. But where to start? There are so many options available. In Calgary, gemstone jewelry is rising in popularity, creating bold and colorful statements, making it a great choice for any occasion. Or maybe you just want to get a birthstone to celebrate your love and admiration for that someone special?

White Gold Round Cut Genuine Ruby Halo Stud Earrings
White Gold Oval Cut Genuine Sapphire Halo Stud Earrings
Yellow Gold Oval Cut Genuine Emerald Three Stone Diamond Accent Stud Earrings
White Gold Round Cut Genuine Ruby Halo Drop Pendant
White Gold Oval Cut Genuine Sapphire Halo Pendant
Yellow Gold Oval Cut Genuine Emerald Three Stone Diamond Accent Drop Pendant


Earrings are always a good choice, with so many styles of earrings to choose from, such as studs or drops, it’s impossible not to find something to suit that loved one. Everyone knows that diamond earrings can be the perfect extra flourish to complete any outfit or take a lady from day to night.

Studs are a classic staple as they are subtle and secure. They provide an elegant backdrop for work or play. Hoops are suitable for daily wear with a classic look that pairs well with professional or even relaxed settings. Gemstone Drop Earrings are fancier, pairing romance and drama, drop earrings are perfectly suited for special occasions such as formal dinners and evening galas. Imagine some beautiful sapphire earrings paired flawlessly with the enchantment of a luxurious event in Calgary or a delicate ruby necklace on full display during a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.


A necklace with a gemstone pendant is another classic look. This option might be reserved for those that don’t wear much jewelry or someone that likes to pair their jewelry with other pieces to complement their individual style. A pendant is simply a piece of gemstone jewelry that is set to be carried on a chain. Choose a solitaire that has just one stone in the setting, or perhaps a gemstone with some diamond accents would suit her style better. Diamonds are the perfect companion for gemstones as they add extra sparkle and direct more light into the gemstone, truly bringing out the play of colour within the stone. Pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes with motif designs to fit your loved one’s personality and character.
White Gold Round Cut Genuine Ruby Halo Split Shank Fancy Ring
White Gold Oval Cut Genuine Sapphire Halo Baguette Shoulders Fancy Ring
Yellow Gold Oval Cut Genuine Emerald With Pear Shaped Diamond Accent Fancy Ring


Perhaps one of the most popular styles of gemstone jewelry is rings. Many women prefer rings because they are classy and simple while making a bold and beautiful statement on the hand. Your loved one can wear this piece to be reminded of your love for her, every day. Choose from solitaires to several stones in one setting that will sparkle and shine for years to come.

With so many different gemstones and styles of jewelry settings, you’re sure to find something that is ideal for your loved one. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are all great times to give someone you love, that special gemstone which fits their personality and lifestyle. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are always exquisite additions to any jewellery box, worn by royalty and the elite for centuries because of their bold colour and rarity. Fortunately, we have virtually hundreds of gemstones to choose from ranging in every colour of the spectrum from pale to vivid saturated specimens. Many people choose gemstones in colours that represent a significant event in their life, for example, emeralds for birthdays in May, sapphires for that “blue” bridal gift and ruby for love. The options in gemstones and design concepts are endless.

Similar to diamonds, no two stones are alike, therefore gemstones truly need to be seen and held in person to appreciate their beauty. When you are ready to present your loved one with a unique piece fitted with precious stones to convey how much they mean to you, come visit us in downtown Calgary where we can help you choose the best gemstone for your special occasion. Gemstones have been sought after and coveted by royalty and the elite from the beginning of civilization, nowadays however Calgary is in a position that everyone can have the luxury of wearing a precious stone.



Know Your Gemstones


One of the few stones that are available in just one colour variety; vivid green. The traditional birthstone for the month of August, its name derives from the Arabic word faridat meaning “precious stone”.


The largest and most colourful family of gems; everyone is familiar with garnets that are red to red-orange to red-purple. However, garnets exist in a vast range of colours. In fact, they come in all colours except blue. There is no such thing as a blue garnet. The word garnet comes from the Latin granatus, which means “seed,” due to the fact that garnets in rock resemble dark red pomegranate seeds.


Of the entire gem world, quartz has the most different varieties and expressions. It can be transparent, translucent or opaque, and it comes in almost every colour imaginable. The purple variety known as amethysts are the birthstones for the month of February.


Ruby is the birthstone for July and it symbolizes passion, courage, and love. Rubies have been used historically as coronation rings, and are still admired by royalty nowadays. Rubies are highly resistant and tough gems.


The birthstone for the month of May, the rich green colour is associated with hope, strength, and longevity. Emeralds often have “gardens of inclusion” where the flaws in the stone are appreciated as part of its beauty. Emeralds are soft gemstones that shouldn’t be worn whilst doing abrasive or rough activities.


The birthstone for the month of September. The word sapphire comes from the Greek sappheiros, which means blue. The Persians believed that the Earth rested on an enormous sapphire whose reflection gave the sky its colour. These stones range from blue-tinted with violet to almost black in colour, however, the Sapphire family exists on a spectrum including orange, yellow, pink and even peach. This strong stone is beaten only by diamonds for durability.


A relatively new gemstone, named after Tanzania where it was discovered in 1967. Tanzanite is a transparent gemstone, its colour varies from blue to violet to bluish-purple. One of the recognized gemstones for the birth month of December. A somewhat fragile gemstone, care should be taken whilst wearing jewellery set with Tanzanite.


Topaz is a transparent gemstone. It exists in many varieties such as; colourless, yellow, orange, brown, light to dark blue and light green. At one time, all yellow stones were known as topaz. The word topaz comes from the name of the Egyptian island Topazos, which means “to seek” in Greek. The traditional birthstone for the month of November, topaz is a strong stone.


Unlike most precious stones classified as minerals, pearls are made of organic material called nacre. Pearls come in several colours; cream, yellow, pink, blue, grey, brown, bronze, black, white gold, gold, however, the most common of which is white. Pearls are the birthstone of June, and popular bridal and special occasion jewellery. Pearls are quite fragile. The sensitive external layers of nacre have a tendency to crack, scratch, and peel when exposed to hard stones and some chemicals included in cosmetics and perfumes. When pearls are cared for they can last a lifetime.


The birthstone for the month of March. The word aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marina due to its colour, which brings the sea to mind. Greeks held them in high regard and often engraved Poseidon, the sea god, on aquamarines. Such stones thus protected the person wearing them from any danger. Aquamarines belong to the same family of gems as emeralds and share the familial softness od emerald.


Tourmalines come in a vast range of colours. In fact, almost all colours are possible, covering the entire spectrum, as well as bi- and tri-colour varieties. The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese turamali, which translates as “stone of mixed colours”. The pink variety is the recognized birthstone for the month of October. Tourmaline’s vast range of colours and durability make this gem very popular.

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