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We are often asked, Do Men Wear Engagement Rings? The answer is a resounding yes.

When we think of an engagement ring, typically we picture it on the hand of the bride-to-be. We don’t consider that the one who popped the question might also want to wear a ring as traditionally the woman should be the one to wear the ring… right?

Well the truth is that men do wear engagement rings. and whilst only 5% of men wear engagement rings today, a recent study found that a whopping 67% of men admit they would like to wear one! Earlier this year, the pop star Ed Sheeran, chose to wear an engagement ring, saying he didn’t understand why they are the preserve of women.

With changes in society’s views on gender and marriage equality this has ensured that this trend grows more popular each year.

At Breslauer and Warren we understand the fundamental differences between the main styles and the custom styles of engagement rings and work with couples trying to find something that reflects their personality and lifestyle. This includes mens engagement rings. Let us help you kick-start your journey to buying a ring today.

Mens Engagement Rings

Marriage is more than rings, however consider starting out the whole process as partners, both wearing a symbol of your love and commitment.

Below are some examples of mens engagement rings. Why not come in store for a viewing to see our larger selection.

MDB-mens engagement band
MLH mens engagement ring
Mens engagement ring
MRR-mens engagement ring
men's diamond engagement band
MSB-mens engagement ring
mens engagement ring calgary
MTZ mens engagement ring

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