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Pendants have been worn for millennia. When our earliest ancestors started to collect pretty rocks they needed a way to carry them around with them for safekeeping. This was the birth of decorative adornment as we know it today, before metalwork and gemstone polishing our ancestors would have worn these mesmerizing raw gemstones or stunning shell beads around their neck wrapped in woven grass. Raw stones would have become a form of currency over time, building trade routes such as the Silk Road, allowing for the discovery of foreign lands and language. As our ancestors’ intelligence increased and they learned new skills, jewellery would have begun to evolve over centuries into the decorative pieces we recognize today.
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White Gold Double Halo Round Drop Diamond Pendant
Tri-Tone Diamond Set Love Knot Pendant
Yellow Gold Solitaire Claw Set Diamond Pendant
Rose Gold Princess Cut Suspended Halo Drop Pendant
White Gold Diamond Shared Prong Eternity Necklace
White Gold Millgrain Halo Diamond Station Pendant
Rose Gold Three Stone Diamond Pendant
Yellow Gold Bezel Set Diamond Station Necklace

Skills such as metal manipulation and gemstone polishing would have been fine-tuned as they were passed onto younger generations and these skilled artisans became the first true Jewellers. From then to modern times the Pendant has been a tried and true staple in any jewellery collection. The 19th and 20th centuries brought us some of the finest crafted jeweled pendants we have ever seen. From a stunning 25ct diamond chandelier necklace gracing the stage on Elizabeth Taylor, or the statement Diamond Collar of Kim Kardashian West, the pendant and necklace are mainstays of fashion and luxury.

The power of the pendant is the limitless extravagance it affords the wearer. Unlike other jewellery pieces such as rings and earrings for example, functionality is not an issue when designing a pendant or necklace. A neckpiece can be as large, heavy, decorative and as purely indulgent as her inner goddess could dream. Alternatively, a pendant can be a sophisticated everyday piece such as a solitaire on a slim chain to add some sparkle to any outfit.

Pendants are typically a little girl’s first jewellery piece made of beads and plastic, why not bring it full circle and with a gold and diamond pendant as the special gift to commemorate a momentous occasion, such as graduation, wedding gift or first child.

Breslauer & Warren is your top jeweler in Calgary, bringing you the most luxurious and timeless pendants & jewelry pieces you can imagine. Which gemstones speak the loudest to you? Because we carry them all: deeply-hued emeralds, sapphires, & rubies, and, of course, our specialty: diamonds. What type of style are you considering? Vintage, Art Deco, or Contemporary? Perhaps you’re looking to create an estate jewelry piece that will span future generations. If nothing in our collections match your vision, our Calgary jewelry experts can easily guide you through the custom design process, bringing your one-of-a-kind piece to you in as soon as 3 weeks!

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