Creating a Unique Engagement Ring

If you tend to choose styles that diverge from the norm and are looking for something special in an engagement ring rather than follow the trend, here are three design details to differentiate your ring and make it as you unique as you’d like.

Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

1. Change Up Your Centre Stone

Consider other options to be the focal point of your engagement ring. Why not go for a canary yellow diamond, a blue sapphire, a firey red ruby or a bright green emerald? Mix up the gemstones in the ring with white diamonds and colored gemstones. Alternatively, you don’t have to limit yourself to gemstones either. Pearls (which also come in an array of shapes and hues) are another beautiful choice that will make your ring really stand out.

2. Play with the Stone Shape and Settings

An easy way to give a novel look to an engagement ring is to play with the geometry of the stones. Go for a square cut or tear drop shaped diamond in the middle or play with the shape and design of the stone settings. The options are endless for showcasing those precious stones a top the band.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
Diamond on Filigree Ring

3. Choose a Different Colour and Texture on the Band

White gold has been a very popular trend for engagement rings. However, yellow gold is starting to make a come back. If you like both, incorporate white and yellow gold in the design or choose a fancy texture for the band itself. You can also play around with the thickness and widths of the bands. Do you prefer a thicker, more solid looking ring or a thin, dainty band that makes a less obvious statement. Look around, do some research and find what styles and combinations you prefer. It’s best to collect photos of exactly what you’re looking for so you can effectively communicate these ideas to your fiancé-to-be, best friend or mother who will be helping pick the perfect ring.

If pictures aren’t quite clarifying the ring style you love, come visit us at Breslauer Warren and try some rings on to see what look best and suits your unique, personal style.