Thinking about buying a diamond online? Consider the following:

Selling diamonds is an art, a profession, a talent and a learned skill.

  1. Relying solely on a diamond report to secure a diamond is a flawed strategy.

Diamond reports classify diamonds into categories; weight, cut, colour and clarity. Weight and cut are a simple calculation. Whereas, colour and clarity are subjective. Interpreting a diamond report and being able to understand their inadequacies is essential to buying with confidence.

  1. Diamond reports are not certificates; they are opinions. No laboratory certifies or guarantees their diamond reports. All diamond reports contain clauses that release the laboratory from liability.
  1. All diamonds and everything that is created in nature are completely unique, there are no two identical examples; think of them as snowflakes.
  1. The internet supports sales based upon repeated accuracy and consistency in the categorization of each product.

For example; I recently bought a new set of tires for my car. I can purchase tires online with confidence because it’s a mass produced item that is subject to quality control. This cannot be said for diamonds and this is the essential point.

  1. Every day, clients ask jewelers to quote on a specifically defined diamond. Inexperienced diamond merchants immediately call diamond suppliers and to fill the order. A fatal error, a good diamond sales person is not ‘an order-taker” but rather an educator and advisor. A salesperson sells their knowledge however, an ‘order-taker’ sells diamond reports.
  2. When a client asks about a very specific diamond, they are price shopping. The previous lessons demonstrate that price cannot be determined by simply comparing diamond reports. The ability to explain this fact accurately and succinctly builds trust and confidence to buy from a merchant.
  1. Potential diamond buyers need to understand the way internet diamond sites transact business. Internet sites do not invest in diamonds or even see the diamonds they list. They are supported by companies that often ship these unexamined diamonds directly to end consumers using the designated Internet site’s bills and labels.
  1. Well graded diamonds are hard to find and the majority of these better diamonds are sold by diamond manufacturers directly to their regular merchants. Diamond companies list their harder to sell diamonds and diamonds with particular inferiorities on consumer-friendly Internet sites.
    1. If price is the only selling point; there will always be someone who will not represent honestly. If a merchant truly sells at a lower price than anyone else than that merchant will not survive.
    2. There are certain clients who find it hard to believe the truth. At this point, it is productive to explain that diamonds truly are a form of currency. No one will exchange a currency for less than its worth.

Understanding Your Purchase:

The variance in diamonds must be seen in person to be fully understood. Purchasing your diamond from Breslauer & Warren Jewellers will help you avoid these pitfalls. As experienced Jewellers, we are able to explain the diamond certificate to you, show you the characteristics of your diamond and tell you why there are price differences between two diamonds with similar diamond certificates.

We take pride in only selecting the highest quality diamonds for our clients. Understanding your purchase is key and we want you to know the value you are getting with your diamond purchase.

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