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Jewellers Will Always Be There

In these challenging times, there is a tremendous amount of concern regarding the future of retailers. How do you know if they will be in business 5 or even ten years from now to service your purchase? Many independent companies teeter on the precipice of the black...

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What Is Rose Gold?

When it comes to jewelry tones, rose gold has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Even famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury is using this stunning shade to package her coveted products. Whether you’re wearing rose gold in your engagement ring,...

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The Benefits of Custom Jewelry

When you choose a ring for your new spouse-to-be, you don’t want a generic ring that looks like it just popped off the assembly line. You want something bold and striking, something that celebrates the unique connection between you and your spouse. With so many...

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Why Weddings?

Why Weddings?

The Diamond Engagement Ring One of the first accounts of diamond engagement rings stems from the Arch Duke Maximilian of Austria and his proposal to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an ‘M’. In the current day, the...

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Valentine’s Week Calgary

Valentine’s Week Calgary

7 Days to Make Valentine’s Unforgettable For the true romantic, ‘Valentine’s Week’ features 7 days of celebration, beginning February 7th with Rose Day, up to Valentine’s Day on February 14th. 1). Rose Day – Say it With Flowers On February 7th, say I love you with red...

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