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Thinking about buying a diamond online? Consider the following:

The ability to research your purchases and buy online changed the way we shop. We can simply click a few buttons on our computer and the goods are on their way! But, is that the best way to shop for diamonds and diamond jewellery? Here are a few points to consider:

Most diamonds come with certification. A diamond certificate will outline the specifications of a diamond (color, clarity, cut, carat weight, etc). However, diamond grading, even from the most accurate labs, is still a subjective opinion. There are some important details that a diamond certificate doesn’t specifically state. You can have multiple certified diamonds with the same grades on paper, and yet their prices are wildly different. Sometimes to the tune of THOUSANDS of dollars. Why is that? Well, the answer is quite simple, no two diamonds are the same! The differences must be seen in person to fully understand. A diamond certification will not state if the clarity characteristics within the stone are “eye-visible”. When purchasing a diamond, especially for an engagement ring, you don’t want to have visible clarity characteristics within the stone. The visibility of these characteristic will have an effect on the overall price and beauty of the stone.

Another important aspect that isn’t noted on a certificate is whether the diamond has hazy or milky appearance. Typically, the majority of diamonds on the market are only graded by the amount of yellow the stone possess. What most people don’t know is that diamonds can also have tints of brown, green or grey. The color and intensity of this tint will also have a drastic impact in the diamonds overall price and appearance.

The variance in diamonds must be seen in person to be fully understood. Purchasing your diamond from Breslauer & Warren Jewellers will help you avoid these pitfalls. We are able to explain the diamond certificate to you, show you the characteristics of your diamond and tell you why there are price differences between two diamonds with similar diamond certificates. We take pride in only selecting the highest quality diamonds for our clients. We want you to understand your purchase and know the value you are getting with your diamond purchase.

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